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Engineering - Bresimar Automação



We provide integrated and customised solutions for our clients’ needs and requirements.

The exponential development of the industry and the direct contact with important and recognised brands in the automation sector have led Bresimar to form a department capable of providing support and technical assistance to the portfolio of marketed brands and complement the business activity. That is how the Applications and Automation Systems (ASA) department came into being. This department provides more technical competences to the company, making it capable of providing integrated and customised automation solutions for its clients’ needs and requirements.

The ASA department is comprised of a specialised multidisciplinary team dedicated to the study, design and implementation of integrated automation systems, based on the portfolio of brands and products marketed. These can be customised and adapted to the needs and requirements of various industries (food, cork, gas, etc.). As a complement to this service, the department created the brand ASATEK, its own brand for the development of automation software applications, capable of incorporating and managing the systems created.

Therefore, within the scope of engineering, Bresimar offers solutions at the level of: robotics and industrial automation, supervision and control (SCADA), artificial vision systems, servo systems and motion control, energy management, technical management of buildings, development of software and technical support.