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Automation - Bresimar Automação



We sell equipment and systems for application in various fields of industrial automation.

Over the years, Bresimar has focused its activity on the commercialization of quality products and cutting-edge technology, having specialised in the commercialization of equipment and systems for application in several fields of industrial automation, with exclusive representation of several reputable brands.

With 37 years of experience, Bresimar now has a portfolio of 26 internationally recognised brands, for which it provides support and technical assistance before and after sales. From this portfolio, the company offers a complete range of solutions, enabling it to provide effective responses with respect to:

  • Control and automation
  • Instrumentation and processes
  • Drives
  • Software systems
  • Temperature and level sensors

Such varied sectors as automotive, agri-food, water and waste treatment, energy, health, petrochemical, wood/cork, plastic and moulds, production technologies, among others, all find in Bresimar an ideal partner in the identification of effective solutions.