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Fuji Electric high performance solar pumping solution




Fuji Electric high performance solar pumping solution


Knowing that the months of greater solar radiation coincide with those of greater need of irrigation and having a solution that produces electricity for free and clean, why not use it and substantially reduce the costs related to irrigation?

The solution is simple. It consists of the replacement of the power grid or the generator set by solar panels that directly feed a variator, which in turn will independently control a motor that drives a water pump.

Fuji Electric, represented in Portugal by Bresimar Automação, has new solutions available for pumping through solar energy.

The new series of FRENIC SOLAR - ACE drives allows significant savings in the cost of energy required for pumping, for example in agricultural installations, where in addition to the low value related to operating and maintenance costs, users still contribute a high factor of environmental sustainability.

With high reliability and extensive equipment life, features such as automatic search for optimum operating point, "dry pit" detection, detection of maximum water level in the tank, optimum starting point depending on the weather conditions, function to maximize the flow of pumped water and adapt to sudden changes in solar irradiation (cloud passing).

In addition to the silent and automatic functions, the simplicity of the FRENIC-Ace solution is also highlighted.

Advantages also valued by users are the simple installation process, easy system startup, reduced maintenance required, remote monitoring capability, ability to program and automate the system, and compatibility with all pump brands.


• It represents an important saving because the costs are stable and well-known;
• Provides energy independence;
• High reliability and long service life;
• Quiet and automatic operation;
• Easy to expand;
• Minimal maintenance;
• Easy to install and to boot.


• The pump control program incorporated in the inverter allows the connection of a pressure sensor (up to 3 pressure values) and level probe;
• It does not require additional elements to connect the solar panels to the inverter and the inverter to the pump;
• Integrated MPPT control;
• Includes specific functions to maximize the flow of pumped water;
• Fully autonomous system without human supervision. It has specific functions to always ensure automatic operation;
• Dry Well detection function;
• System for operation with induction AC motors and permanent magnets;
• Operation function in isolated (solar only), switched (between solar and grid / generator) and assisted (solar and grid / generator simultaneously);
• Range available from 0.4 kW up to 280 kW.

Invest on energy independence through a solution with fast return.

For more information, please contact our commercial department or our brand manager Fuji Electric.