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Fluke Year-End Campaign




Fluke Year-End Campaign

We have made a selection of potent power quality analysers and thermal imaging cameras that promise to contribute to the energy efficiency of your business and assist in various maintenance tasks. Would you like to know more about these products or request a quote? Contact us through the form available here.

Campaign valid until 15th December 2017 and limited to existing stock.
Amounts are subject to VAT at the legal rate in effect.




Fluke 438 II | CLASS A

The Fluke 438 II motor and power quality analyser adds essential mechanical measuring capabilities for electric motors to the advanced power quality analysis functions of Series II analysers. Measure, quickly and simply, the main parameters of mechanical and electrical performance, such as: energy, harmonics, imbalance, motor speed, torque and mechanical energy, without the need for mechanical sensors.


Fluke 438 II | CLASSE A


Fluke 435 II | CLASS A

The Fluke 435 II power quality analyser is a solution for locating, preventing and detecting problems related to power quality in three-phase and single-phase electrical distribution systems. This model comes equipped with the PowerWave function, which allows you to capture and visualise the voltage, current and frequency signals simultaneously and at a high speed.



Fluke 434 II | CLASS S

The Fluke 434 Series II power quality analyser is the ideal tool for power recording. Using the Energy Loss Calculator function, the Fluke 434 II measures the budget cost of wasted energy due to poor power quality. This feature identifies the most energy-wasting areas in your facility, enabling you to implement savings solutions.





Fluke TI300 (Offering telephoto or wide-angle lens)

The Fluke TI300 thermal imager integrates the LaserSharp feature, which enables autofocus and the creation of perfect images, thereby ensuring accurate inspection. This model is compatible with the Fluke Connect wireless system, which allows you to record up to 5 additional measurements, enabling fast diagnostics and more detailed reports.




Fluke TIS45

The TIS45 thermal camera is a manual focusing solution capable of generating quality images (resolution of 160 x 120 - 19200 pixels) with a good trouble-shooting capability due to PIP mode and IR-Fusion mixing.




Fluke TIS40

The Fluke TIS40 thermal imager is a fixed-focus solution capable of generating quality (160 x 120 resolution) images with a good trouble-shooting capability due to PIP mode and IR-Fusion mixing.




Fluke TIS20

The Fluke TIS20 thermal imager is a more affordable fixed-focus solution capable of generating images at a resolution of 120 x 90 and detecting problems quickly.