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Turck - Pressure sensor PS+

PS + Series pressure sensors allow safe pressure measurement in industrial processes and applications. The various pressure ranges and possible connections result in a wide range of variants of this product, making it possible to implement in almost all applications.


Conventional Applications

Pressure sensors are often applied in the following areas:

• Hydraulic
• Refrigeration
• Lubrication


Increased System Availability

Both the stainless steel casing and the one-piece cover feature an extremely solid design.
The absence of mechanical operating elements ensures high wear resistance. The small number of sealing surfaces offers maximum protection against moisture and dust penetration inside the device - even outdoors - thanks to UV-resistant materials and salt spray (salt spray testing).
The new sealing concepts guarantee IP6K7K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K protection classes. The PS + Series also offers exceptional vibration and shock resistance.
PS + Series measuring cells have a burst pressure of at least four times the maximum rated pressure. The minimum / maximum pressure memory forms a digital “resistance indicator”, making process analysis even more effective.


Simplified Operation

Pressure switching points can be configured in a few steps, in the most usual manner and according to the TURCK or VDMA standard. The 14-segment monitor offers users optimal support for menu navigation. The display can show red or green process values adapting to existing lighting conditions.
The color change can be linked to the switching outputs to indicate state changes via the switch point LED.


Advanced functions

Advanced functions allow the sensor to be reset to previous settings (Undo function) as well as to factory settings.
The switching behavior of the outputs can be set to “Normally Open” (NO) and “Normally Closed” (NC). Additional hysteresis and filter functions allow optimal sensor adaptation even in the most complex applications.


Simple assembly and commissioning

The PS + Series features a variety of useful features to make mounting, wiring and commissioning of sensors as effective and straightforward as possible.

• Large selection of different connections ensures simple adaptation to the process environment.
• Free-rotating sensor housing allows monitor and connector to be adjusted even after mounting.
• Automatic detection of output signals simplifies connection to controller environment
• TURCK or VDMA standard menu orientation option ensures intuitive sensor operation
• Different IO-Link data profiles allow the sensor to be adapted to most existing systems and thus reduce the required programming effort.







Further information and details can be found on the TURCK website, or by contacting our sales department or our TURCK brand manager.

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