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TiS60+ - The new Fluke thermal camera - Bresimar Automação




TiS60+ The new FLUKE Thermal camera

We present the new TiS60 + thermal camera, designed to offer a simple, strong and reliable solution.

Increase the performance of your team with a resolution of 320 x 240. Thermal images captured with TiS60 + capture smaller temperature differences over bigger distances. If you are not familiar with thermographic images or if your camera is being used by a team with different levels of experience in thermographic images, a TiS60 + provides easy-to-use fixed focus.


• 320 x 240 resolution

• 3.5-inch LCD screen

• Resistant to downfalls of 2 meters

• Fixed focus for easy use

• Measurement up to 400 ° C

• Image capture, visualization and storage capacity

• Compatible with Fluke Connect.

IR-Fusion technology, patented by Fluke Corporation, automatically captures an image of visible digital light at the same time as a thermographic image. The camera combines both images, pixel by pixel, in a single presentation. You can then view the image in infrared, in visible light or in varying degrees of combination between the two. The location of an infrared target can be accurately identified, even if the infrared contrast is low and there is very little structure in the thermographic image.



 Totally IV


50% combination, image-to-image mode

50% combination




More information and details on the FLUKE website, or by contacting our sales department or our Fluke brand manager.