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QCM50 by Banner Engineering

The QCM50 sensor allows selection across the range, even in extremely challenging contrast and core applications.



• Safe color detection throughout the sensor range;
• Only one sensor can detect up to 12 cores, which reduces inventory cost savings, enables faster changeover and better quality control;
• Available in anti-glare model for safe detection of reflective objects;
• Intuitive setup with an integrated LCD display and onboard buttons;
• IO-Link communication for configuration and remote control;




Application Examples

Blister Packaging Inspection

• A solution that can analyze the contents inside the blister's reflective plastic is necessary to check the presence and color of the tablets;
• In pharmaceutical packaging, each blister bag should contain one tablet, and each tablet should be the correct color;
• For example, a pack of influenza medicines during the day should contain only daytime tablets (Color A) and not nighttime tablets (Color B);

• Anti-glare QCM50 color sensor models, for verification through glossy packaging to safely confirm the presence and color of tablets;
• Used in "COLOR MODE", the sensor checks the instructed color and detects incorrect color tablets;
• The QCM50 sensor also differentiates tablet color from the background color of the package to detect a missing tablet;
• The QCM50 sensor is a cost-effective alternative to a vision solution, and anti-glare models can store up to 7 defined colors to verify a wide variety of tablet color combinations.

Correct part verification

• Auto trim parts may vary from vehicle to vehicle, and many internal trim pieces are interchangeable and available in several similar colors;
• Finishing parts should be inspected at each stage of assembly to ensure correct parts are applied to the correct vehicle;
• As assembly progresses, problem correction becomes difficult, so an error-proof solution becomes essential;

• Small QCM50 color sensor models feature a 4x4mm dot at a distance of 40mm to ensure safe detection of specific colors by limiting color transitions;
• The QCM50 can store up to 12 different colors for checking a wide range of part colors with one device;
• Using IO-Link, users can view red, green and blue and intensity value, allowing for highly adjusted color differentiation;

Adhesive Tape Detection

• Mounting several inches above the object is a challenge for traditional color sensors;
• The limited contrast between ribbon color and box color can be a challenge for traditional sensors;
• Prior to shipping, the sensor should verify that the tape is present to ensure the integrity of the content during shipping.

• Long Range models allow flexible mounting up to 150mm over the application;
• QCM50 color sensor easily differentiates colors with very similar tones to effectively detect brown ribbon in a brown box;
• Used in "COLOR MODE", the QCM50 validates the instructed color (the brown ribbon) and identifies the absence of ribbon so that the error can be resolved before sending.







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