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Pilz presents the new safe radar system - Bresimar Automação




Pilz presents the new safe radar system

Some workspaces, due to their spatial and environmental characteristics, do not achieve full security coverage with the use of optical sensors and need other systems to guarantee total protection for workers. To respond to these problems, Pilz presents the LBK System radar, developed by Inxpect, which fulfills this objective through two protection aspects: when it detects the movement in the dangerous zone and activates the machine's safe state; and by avoiding restarting while outside activity continues within that area. With these two types of performance, and despite the difficult environments, it guarantees the safety of machines and workers.


The LBK System is certified in SIL 2 - according to IEC 62061, and Pld category 2 - according to EN ISSO 13849-1. This is an equipment suitable for more difficult work areas because it is immune to optical disturbances such as smoke, dust, shavings, debris or splashes. This technology becomes a suitable option for outdoor use, in heavy industry and in the wood treatment sector, among others. The device consists of the LBK-C22 control unit and offers the option of adding up to 6 LBK-S01 sensors for each one, being able to configure the protection field of each one. Its technology is based on the Frequency Modulated Continuos Wave: the sensor sends 24GHz radio waves, retrieves the movement information and analyzes the signals that return from fixed and active objects. To adapt to all types of situations, it is possible to configure different types of sensitivity, safety zones and warning. In addition, using the available software, the set can be configured and monitored with the option of downloading a final report of the sensor installation. With its incorporation in its Catalog, Pilz completes the range of safe sensors to increase the protection possibilities in the industry, adapting to each case with great flexibility.


LBK System with the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2.


Danger zone on three of four sides of the machine.



• Sensor opening angle, wide protection zone: 110° horizontal, 30° vertical
• Sensor opening angle, narrow protection zone: 50° horizontal, 15° vertical
• Opening angle, narrow protection zone: 50° horizontal, 15° vertical
• Range of the sensor: 4 m
• Maximum protection zone (with 6 sensors): 15 m x 4 m
• Connection type: CANopen
• Reaction time: max. 100 ms
• For use in applications up to SIL CL 2, PL d, Category 2





More information and details on the PILZ website, or by contacting our sales department or our Pilz brand manager.