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Official Presentation of the New Ti401PRO and TiX501 FLUKE Thermal Imagers - Bresimar Automação




Official Presentation of the New Ti401PRO and TiX501 FLUKE Thermal Imagers

Fluke is redefining the resolution standard for professional thermal imaging cameras.

All cameras in this series have a resolution of 640 x 480 and a choice of two different formats.

Now you can select the camera that best suits your needs, without sacrificing resolution, ergonomics or features.

Fluke cameras are designed to increase the efficiency of your inspections using the latest advances in thermography technology.

These cameras offer everything needed by industry professionals to be able to locate, evaluate and solve critical problems safely, quickly and easily, avoiding costly downtime.


Features and advantages

> Superior image quality: 640x480 resolution

> IR-Fusion ™ Technology: Infrared Light Level Adjustment

> In-camera image editing and analysis

> Fluke LaserSharp® Auto Focus Technology

> Professional grade integrated laser distance meter

> Fluke Connect - Software platform that allows you to monitor your equipment and perform integrated analysis and reporting.

> Optional lenses to maximize the performance of your thermal imager. Capture close-up or distant images:

• 2x telephoto lens
• 4x telephoto lens
• Macro
• Wide angle


Ti401 PRO and Ti480 PRO

The Ti401 PRO and Ti480 PRO cameras, with a resolution of 640x480, deliver the robustness and ease-of-use you would expect from Fluke, with sharp images and accurate temperature measurements.

> Perform thermographic inspections with confidence and get faster results than ever before.

> Popular “gun” design allows one-handed use.

> Never lose sight of a problem with the 3.5 inch LCD screen.

> Transfer thermographic images and operate the camera remotely with Fluke Connect software.

TiX501 and TiX580

Capture the high-definition thermal images needed to perform reliable inspections, make industrial maintenance decisions, perform diagnostic tests, and troubleshoot buildings and infrastructure.

> Take advantage of Fluke thermographic image analysis software for quick and simple reporting.

> 5.7-inch LCD touchscreen with important information for field image analysis.

> Flexible and ergonomic design.

> The rotary screen lets you make adjustments to minimize glare, and the 5.7 inch LCD touch screen offers a premium viewing experience on the ground.

> Key functions for Innovation and Development (R&D) activities.

> Infrared image and data import capabilities for the MATLAB® and LabVIEW® software platforms.



More info and details on FLUKE website - Ti401 PRO and TiX501

For more information, please contact our sales department or our FLUKE brand manager.