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New PiloTREK Planar Antenna Radar




New PiloTREK Planar Antenna Radar

The PiloTREK Family of Radars has a new version with economic Planar Antenna

NIVELCO is pleased to announce the launch of the new version of planar antenna from the PiloTREK contactless radar transmitter family.

These new versions are the most affordable members of the PiloTREK line, retaining the best features of the NIVELCO contactless radar transmitter family and, in some cases, offering better functions.

The new type of planar antenna has a black plastic (PP) housing and is available in either 10 m or 16 m measuring ranges. The radar has 4-20 mA + HART® output, so it can be used in multi-point HART® loops with the help of the MultiCONT multichannel process controller or connected to a PC with the HART®-USB / Bluetooth® / RS485 UNICOMM modems. The operation of these radars is exactly the same as the other integrated solutions.

The new planar antenna is available with 2 '' BSP and NPT process connection and there are also Ex ia versions.



> New versions of planar antennas offer excellent value for money, ensuring reliable measurement of various liquids at a very economical price.

> It is the smaller PiloTREK radar, making it easy to place in space-limited processes.

> Measuring range up to 16 m significantly outperforms the same price K-band radar transmitters on the market.

> Narrow detection cone. Our planar antenna radar has a beam angle of 16 degrees.

> Due to its construction, the encapsulated planar antenna is less sensitive to debris accumulation or condensation than cone type antennas.




PiloTREK's typical planar antenna market is the water and sanitation industry, but it can also be applied to tanks in the chemical, agri-food, energy production and pharmaceutical industries.

Possibility of customization of the planar antenna, adapting it to your application.


PiloTREK – NIVELCO Product Training Series

PiloTREK – NIVELCO Product Training Series




More information and details on the NIVELCO website, or by contacting our sales department or our NIVELCO brand manager.