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New Gripper Electric from Oriental Motor - EH Series - Bresimar Automação




New Orientalmotor Electric Gripper - EH Series

The Oriental motor's Electric Gripper EH series its a rack-and-pinion mechanism equipped with an AZ Series motor combined with an EH Series electric gripper.
Its delicate grip, like that of a human hand, assists in automation and labor-saving.

Delicate, human-like grip.



• Built-In battery-free absolute sensor, for constant monitoring of motor position information without an external sensor

• High reliability with closed loop control

• High eficiency technology reduces motor heat generation and saves energy


1. Grip - Reliably Grip Loads that may Easily Deform or Break.

Easily set the grip force, grip time, and speed according to the object being gripped.

Safely and reliably grip objects that may easily break, such as glass, and objects that easily deform, such as plastic or springs.

Quick Approach, Slow Grip

The motor approaches the load at high speed, then decelerates just before contacting the surface at low speed.


Grips at Low Grip Force, then Gradually Increases the Force

Pushing force and timing can be easily changed.


2. Adjust - The Direction and Position of the Load can be Coordinated.

The minimum travel distance between the pincers - attached to the base jaws - is 0.02 mm. The direction and position of components can be coordinated by gripping them according to their size.

* Pincers are not included with the product, and must be supplied by the customer.

3. Measure - The Size of the Load can be Verified without an External Sensor.

The Size and Presence of a Load are Determined within the Operational Range of the Pincers.

The operational range of the pincer is confirmed by the output signal (TLC output, AREA output) from the driver, allowing the size and presence of a load to be determined.

Monitor the Gripper Position to Measure Size

The Coordinates Information Monitoring Function in the driver sends data from the gripper to the host PLC, allowing the size of the load to be measured.

Small and Lightweight


91 mm × 46 mm × 48.5 mm in size, and weighs 380 g. Installation in various directions is possible.
The combination of a motor with a frame size of 28 mm and the rack-and-pinion mechanism results in smaller equipment. With a 25 mm stroke available to grip the load.

Multi-Surface Installation OK

Installation in various directions is possible. 

The design is compatible with multi-surface installation, making it ideal for installation on robotic arms, etc.





More information and details on the Orientalmotor website, or by contacting our sales department or our Orientalmotor brand manager.