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New DSX2-5-IE-K1 Industrial Network Test Kit - Bresimar Automação




New DSX2-5-IE-K1 Industrial Network Test Kit

Everything you need to Certify, Manage and Report on your cable installation projects.

Today's industrial automation technologies are based on the physical Ethernet layer, which reduces costs and simplifies interconnection between devices. However, the unique nature of the shop floor brings new challenges to this reality. With the right knowledge and tools, installers, engineers and electricians can realize the benefits of this technology.

More than half of the problems of industrial communication networks are located in the wiring harness. Some of the problems arise immediately during the machine commissioning process, while others allow you to connect equipment, but changes in environmental conditions start to cause communication failures, which are very difficult to detect without the proper diagnostic tools. With the new DSX2-5-IE-K1 kit you can identify the most common wiring problems:

> Connection Errors;

> Excessive Length;

> Crosstalk;

> Failures in the Protection Mesh;

> Transverse Conversion Loss (TCL).


Testing Cables translates into more Uptime

Using the new DSX2-5-IE-K1 kit and a basic understanding of its use contribute to increased uptime of industrial processes:

> Faster commissioning: Testing cables to international standards before connecting them to machine equipment is the only way to ensure that they meet the specified requirements and will function correctly.

> Avoid downtime: Just because a cable can connect devices during installation does not guarantee that it will continue to function properly under all circumstances. Changes in the environment where the cable was installed may cause failure. With the new DSX2-5-IE-K1 kit you can identify cables with potential for failure due to excessive temperature, humidity and vibration, for example.

> Quick troubleshooting: Even previously tested cables may fail due to accidental cut or poor connection that has deteriorated over time. In the event of a network outage the ability to quickly diagnose the problem saves time and money. Using the DSX2-5-IE-K1 kit you can quickly detect cable failure with a clear indication of its location. Failure at one end of the cable due to a bad connector connection allows the problem to be quickly resolved by replacing the faulty connector, thus avoiding all the resources that would be required to replace the entire cable.


The new DSX2-5-IE-K1 kit consists of:

> Versiv2 Platform: Main unit and remote unit;

> Modules for certification of copper networks up to category 6A;



> Industrial Adapters: Compatible with RJ45, M12 D-Coded and M12 X-Coded connectors;



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