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Fluke Networks Fiber for all campaign - Bresimar Automação




Fluke Networks Fiber for all campaign

Datacenters and companies rely heavily on data communication networks over optical fiber to respond to the growing need for bandwidth. Testing the quality of fiber optics is essential to maximize network performance and uptime.

That is why Fluke Networks - as a world leader in fiber testing and certification equipment - launches the “Fiber for all” campaign, which focuses on solutions for identifying problems in fiber optic networks and certification of copper networks up to to category 8, who stand out for their ease of use, precision and durability, providing innovative solutions to technicians and installers worldwide, 
This campaign aims to show you solutions with several kits so that you can manage and certify your project, at attractive prices.





 sales department or our Fluke Networks brand manager. Consult the brochure and if you need more information contact our sales department or our Fluke Networks brand manager.