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FLEXEDGE DA50 and DA70 - Bresimar Automação





In today's complex operations, cutting edge technology is revolutionizing the way information is communicated and shared.

RedLion presents a new equipment, FlexEdge, which thanks to a modular design and intuitive software can be easily adapted to an application, due to the variety of wired and wireless communication modules available. This controller allows gathering industrial data and incorporating communication technology with advanced automation features, such as protocol conversion, data logging and visualization, multichannel alerts, IIoT cloud connectivity and advanced network features.



• Two 10/100 Base-T (X) Ethernet ports integrated;

• An integrated RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports, with the possibility of having more on the DA70 model;

• Possibility to insert a communication card in the DA50 model and up to three cards in the DA70 model;

• The optional communication cards are wi-fi, RS-232 ports, RS-485 ports, USB and there is also an option for 4G;

• The DA70 model allows you to couple digital and analog input and output modules;

• A diagnostic light is included to indicate the status of the system;

• Integrated 1Gb memory, with the possibility to expand up to 256Gb using a micro SD;

• Supply voltage from 12 to 24VDC and certification for ATEX zones;

• Communication with more than 300 protocols using Crimson;


The configurator, FlexEdge Builder, is available to help define the ideal solution for each application:



• This controller offers advanced network security features, such as firewall status, packet filtering and VPN connections, all to protect against unwanted intrusions on the network;
• Communication between subnets, allowing users to maintain separation within a network, defining limits between different functions;
• FlexEdge allows simple communication via Ethernet, serial and USB ports, using Plug and Play technology;
• Variety of communication modules and digital and analog I / O's that easily adapt to the requirements of applications.



Flexedge Brochure

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