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Discover our selection of laser markers and smart cameras from Datalogic




Discover our selection of laser markers and smart cameras from Datalogic

We have chosen a selection of powerful laser markers (UNIQ and AREX) and intelligent cameras (P Series and T Series), which will help you in your industrial processes.

We would also like to take the opportunity to inform you that we do laser engraving, without commitment, on your parts. To this effect, please send us your request or questions, through the form available here.


Laser markers

Datalogic LaserMarking's portfolio is focused on delivering laser engraving solutions based on FIBRE LASER, SOLID STATE and CO2 technologies for areas and sectors as diverse as automotive, electronics, plastics, ceramics and the manufacture of high-precision metals.


UNIQ | The first ultra-compact fibre laser marker (all-in-one)

UniQ is the first all-in-one ultra-compact laser marking system based on fibre laser technology. Its small size, robust housing with IP54 protection, absence of external controller and fibre cable for marking, make this laser a unique model. With 15W of optical laser power, this model offers flexibility in marking on a wide range of materials and in the recording area itself, with the change of the internal lens. Its ultra-compact design and highly efficient and reduced noise cooling system facilitate its integration, even in smaller spaces.


Main characteristics:

  • Powerful 15W fibre laser source;
  • Ultra-compact solution;
  • IP54 protection;
  • No external rack, power supply or additional controller device;
  • Second Generation EMC (Embedded Marking Controller);
  • TCP/IP Ethernet for simple connection to multiple lasers, vision systems and code readers;
  • Free editing software.



AREX | The market reference for fibre laser markers

AREX is a fibre laser with simplified design and easy integration, suitable for demanding applications such as the marking of parts in the automotive, electronics and high-precision mechanical industries. Thanks to its ultra-compact design and state-of-the-art fibre technology, AREX enables high-speed marking on metal and plastic materials, ensuring faster and, consequently, increased productivity.

AREX laser markers are equipped with MULTIWAVE® pulsed fibre laser sources with power levels of 10W, 20W, 20W MOPA, 30W and 50W.

Main characteristics:

  • Easy installation and configuration;
  • Flexibility of control and programming;
  • Fibre laser with different power levels (10W, 20W, 20W MOPA, 30W and 50W);
  • Ethernet protocol for easy integration with PLCs and in industrial environments;
  • Ultra-compact scanning head (112x300x90mm);
  • Operation mode: STAND ALONE and MASTERSLAVE;Fácil instalação e configuração;
  • Control module with standard 19'' rack dimensions;
  • Lens change option.



We will test the laser engraving on your products, without any obligations. Send us your request via the form available here.



Smart Cameras

Datalogic Smart Cameras are independent, general purpose industrial machine vision inspection systems with extremely flexible programming through the IMPACT software platform.   

P series
| Ultra-compact, economical camera with advanced viewing capabilities

The P-Series is an ultra-compact and economical camera which offers advanced machine vision functionality in a stand-alone and fully embedded device. This model is available with CMOS image sensors, in greyscale or colour with two different resolutions: VGA and 1.3MP. The lenses and illuminators are fully replaceable and user-mountable. This model also features five focal lengths and nine lighting options, resulting in 90 different combinations, offering excellent installation flexibility and superior image acquisition capabilities.

The P-Series is powered by the IMPACT LITE software package. With more than 25 inspection tools, IMPACT LITE revolutionises device programming, making your entire setup process faster and more intuitive.


Main characteristics:

  • VGA resolution (640x480) or 1.3 MP (1280x1024);
  • SERIAL, Ethernet and I/Os interfaces;
  • CMOS image sensor in greyscale or colour;
  • Built-in and easily replaceable lenses and illuminators;



T series | High-performance and ultra-compact camera

The T Series smart camera performs well in an industrialised and very compact format. This model comes equipped with a powerful 1.1 GHz processor, which gives it higher performance as well as 3 different camera resolutions (VGA, 2 MP and 5 MP), all in a sealed and protected format. Combined with IMPACT software, the T Series delivers the most robust and versatile intelligent camera solution currently on the market.


Main characteristics:

  • High performance;
  • 5MP VGA resolution;
  • Incorporated Gbit Ethernet, SERIAL and I/Os interfaces;
  • Greyscale CCD image sensor;
  • Three high-quality CCD resolution sensor options.


To find out more about Datalogic products, contact our sales team or our brand manager. You may also request more information or request an estimate by filling out the form available here.