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Denso Robotics RC8A robot controller - Bresimar Automação




Denso Robotics RC8A Robot Controller

The RC8A is an ultra compact and powerful controller, unique to the entire range of Denso robots, which allows you to connect to other industrial automation devices, giving you great flexibility in your projects.



• Only one controller for all robot models;

• Programming flexibility (Java, C ++, C #, VB, LabVIEW, etc. or PLC);

• Common interface for programming robots and industrial automation devices;

• Supports common industrial interfaces;

• Performance analysis data can be obtained through the cloud;

• Possibility to control robots up to 8 axis (eg 6 axis robot + 2 additional axes);

• Space saving (volume 10.6l). All connectors are placed in front of the equipment;

• TUV Rheinland, ANSI, CE, UL and CSA certifications;

 Our controllers use ORIN, which enables DENSO robots to connect to cloud databases, which store and analyze equipment performance information, allowing access to information anywhere.



• Robot condition monitoring for preventive maintenance purposes;

• Possibility to program and control the DENSO robot remotely;

• Robot cycle time supervision to measure its productivity;




More information and details can be found on the DENSO Robotics website, or by contacting our sales department or Denso Robotics brand manager.