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COBOTTA, the collaborative robot from DENSO ROBOTICS

With the initial purpose of increasing productivity in the manufacture of automotive components on site, DENSO has been developing robots for 50 years. Recently the brand introduced the new collaborative robot “COBOTTA”. Its compact, portable, human-friendly design lets you take it anywhere, and automate tasks right away. No expert knowledge is required, making operation extremely easy.

Need some help? Want to make tasks simpler for robots and have more time for creative work? COBOTTA will open infinite possibilities to meet your needs, and allow you to put new creative ideas into practice.

1 – Safe Design
Collaborative robots do not require safety barriers, the outer contour has no sharp edges, and consists of curves that prevent accidents when handling the robot. The sensors are incorporated into the 6 moving parts that are constantly monitoring speed and rotation to ensure functional safety.

2 – Portable body
The main unit weighs approximately 4kg providing easy portability and a 500g load capacity. The integrated controller not only reduces wiring, but also allows consolidated control with other devices.

3 – Simple to use
Equipped with an instruction function and an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for simple programming, an optional camera can be coupled to enable instruction using the camera.

4 – Open Platform
The integrated controller opens, and the COBOTTA API control is public, allowing developers to create their own applications on the medium they prefer (OSS version).


 COBOTTA BROCHURE by Denso Robotics






More information and details on the DENSO website or by contacting our sales department or our Denso brand manager.