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C6017 - The new BECKHOFF Ultra-compact IPC




C6017 - The new BECKHOFF Ultra-compact IPC

Industrial PC hardware automation technology requirements are varied and today extend beyond the usual automation functions such as powerful CPUs and EtherCAT compatibility. In addition, Industry 4.0 concepts require space-saving, flexible installation, and competitively priced industrial PC solutions.

With the ultra-compact C6017 industrial PC, BECKHOFF extends its ultra-compact product line with a device with more optional interfaces (up to 2 x RJ45, 2 x USB 2.0), an optional 1-second UPS or a combination of additional interfaces and UPS. 1 second. Although the range of interfaces has been expanded, only the height of the C6017 has increased compared to the predecessor device C6015; With dimensions of only 82 x 82 x 66 mm, the C6017 is also extremely economical.

In addition to its excellent price-performance ratio, IPC BECKHOFF offers all industry-common features such as a wide temperature range, EtherCAT compatibility, and high shock and vibration resistance. Equipped with an integrated Intel Atom® CPU with up to four cores, it offers high power reserves. Only high-durability Embedded line processors are used in the C6017 series, ensuring investment security for the buyer. Both the new modular motherboard and the die-cast aluminum and zinc enclosure have recently been developed to ensure BECKHOFF high quality, industry compatibility and reliability.


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Key Features (base version C6017-0010):

> Intel® Atom™ E3815, 1.46 GHz, 1 core (TC3: 40)
> Compact motherboard for Intel® Atom™
> 2 GB DDR3L RAM, expandable ex factory to 4 GB
> Graphic adapter integrated inside the Intel® processor, 1 DisplayPort connector
> On-board dual Ethernet adapter with 2 x 100/1000BASE-T connector
> 30 GB M.2 SSD, 3D flash, extended temperature range
> 1 USB 3.0 port and 1 USB 2.0 port
> 24 V DC power supply
> Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 ou Windows 10 IOT


Available processor upgrades:

C9900-C582 - processor Intel® Atom™ E3827, 1.75 GHz, 2 cores (TC3: 40) and memory extension to 4 GB DDR3L RAM
C9900-C583 - processor Intel® Atom™ E3845, 1.91 GHz, 4 cores (TC3: 50) and memory extension to 4 GB DDR3L RAM
C9900-E302 - additional connectors in the front of a C6017, dual Ethernet adapter with 2 x 100/1000BASE-T connector and 2 USB 2.0 ports




Further information and details can be found on the BECKHOFF website, or by contacting our sales department or our BECKHOFF brand manager.