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Banner Engineerings Security Signage Solution

COVID-19 is being a challenge for companies, but also for their employees and customers, with the constant consideration of social distance and hygiene that can distract them from the tasks to be performed. With a wireless peel-and-stick solution, Banner Engineering has created tested and reliable systems for space monitoring and indication and industrial surface cleaning. In this era of COVID-19, create and maintain a clean and safe work culture.

Choose highly effective, low-cost automation. Banner Engineering offers economical and highly effective solutions:

Social distancing

• Clarity and security for a worker or customer who wants to enter a certain space;
• Reduced / eliminated manual supervision for immediate return of investment;
• Monitoring of traffic, and notification of excess of people in a given area;
• Indication options: total change or visual count depending on the activity: entry allowed, almost full, full - please wait;
• Optional analysis and reporting;
• No wiring required - plug and play installation.

Hygiene of the work area

• Easy equipment configuration and customization of your cleaning schedule;
• Indicator lights notify workers about cleaning, providing visual assurance of a clean area;
• Materials resistant to chemical cleaning products; robust industrial enclosure;
• Define times for more cleanings during peak hours or per work cell
   area types (conveyors vs common areas);
• Analysis and reporting for compliance.


To make this communication possible, Banner Engineering presents Direct Select, a wireless multifunction operation interface that improves communication for greater productivity and efficiency.

The Direct Select ™ wireless operator interface with bidirectional communication capabilities and operator guidance anywhere, this versatile device combines a three-digit display, high visibility status indication and multiple input controls on a battery powered device. The user can send and receive information, direct actions, track performance and monitor equipment from a convenient location.


Better communication improves productivity.

Direct Select™ improves team communication in the event of critical information needed to complete tasks more quickly. The versatile operator interface can be used to send and receive requests, acknowledgments and alerts, in addition to providing details of the quantity, directing the team to a specific location, guiding operators through a process, tracking performance, monitoring assets and much more.

Two-way communication where you need it most

Direct Select's independent, wireless design makes it easy to add an operator interface to any asset, machine or equipment. Use it as a panel meter for local monitoring of asset conditions. Communicate with operators via mobile devices. Turn any cart into a mobile picking station. You can use it as a portable device so that the team can communicate when away from the workstation.

Solve problems quickly and reduce downtime

Monitor multiple machines, workstations or processes with a single Direct Select operator interface. The multicolor indicator provides high visibility alerts and status information for each event. The LCD screen indicates the location of the event. The system can also be configured to prioritize events, so that users can solve the most critical problems first.

Operator guidance reduces errors

Simplify complex processes using Direct Select. The eight-color indicator and LCD display provide location and quantity information at each stage. Communicate quantity adjustments and other changes with the touch buttons. Use the touch button to send confirmations and alerts.

Cost-effective, Easy-to-deploy Operator Interface

Direct Select communicates via a robust Sure Cross® wireless network and is powered by a lithium battery. The user can quickly implement one or more operator interfaces, without the time, hassle and expense of adding or changing the wired infrastructure, to connect and power devices. The Direct Select operator interface facilitates improved communication between employees, supervisors, assets and equipment in a wide range of applications, including:

• Request for parts, collection or maintenance;
• Orientation and assembly of the operator;
• Kitting, pick-to-light and put-to-light;
• Bidirectional communication on mobile equipment.


Banner Engineerings Security Signage Solution Brochures

Brochura FVR-Micro Fuji Electric 

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