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Banner Engineerings new T18-2 sensor series




Banner Engineerings new T18-2 sensor series

The new generation of wash-resistant sensors in harsh environments.
One of the differentiating factors of the new T18-2 series is the innovative design, fully encapsulated in epoxy plastic, with ultrasonic welded joints.

Solid plastic encapsulation ensures high reliability in harsh environments, ensuring full functionality in thermal shock environments. The encapsulation is Eco-Lab certified and rated IP69K. 

Designed and constructed with specifically prepared plastic materials for the food industry, it features all laser engraved product markings and a design suited to cleaning and maintenance needs.

The T18-2 sensor has superior performance, with immunity to fluorescent light and excess gain, with greater sensitivity to color. The configuration and adjustment are done simply, with the red LED light beam visible. The T18-2 is suitable for use in harsh environments.

Watch the video of the product:

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