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new Banner Engineering WLS15 LED strip light




Banner Engineering launches new WLS15 LED strip light with a low-profile and rugged design

WLS15 is the new model of professional LED strip lights, launched by Banner Engineering, a brand represented by Bresimar Automação, S.A.

This solution aims to improve the efficiency, productivity and security of workspaces, even the most confined. Due to its discreet, compact and rugged design, this east-to-install lighting can be installed in the workplace or in the line of vision of industrial processes without creating obstructions The WLS15 is equipped with an impact and vibration resistant shell and can also be used in wet and/or dusty environments.


Important characteristics:

  • Low-profile design for easy installation in confined spaces;
  • 12 or 24Vdc operation;
  • Completely sealed in a shell with an IP66 and IP67 rated material for use in wet and/or dusty environments;
  • Rugged design, with a polycarbonate shell, resistant to shock and vibrations;
  • LED lighting technology (more economical and energy efficient);
  • Low power device;
  • Stable device in the presence of power supply fluctuations.




Para saber mais informações sobre esta solução, contacte o nosso  ou o .

For more information about this solution, contact our sales service department or the Banner Engineering brand manager.