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ASATEK's Dragonfly Vision System

Shop floor scalable vision system

DRAGONFLY is a compact vision system with excellent performance for demanding shop floor applications. Easily expand gigabit interface cameras, significantly reducing system cost. The technology presented is fanless and the storage is solid state, allowing the system to be applied in harsh environments, and significantly reducing associated maintenance costs.

DRAGONFLY is equipped with high-performance processors and high-speed features to support multi-camera use and can have up to 10 independent gigabit ports, each dedicated to your acquisition system, avoiding bandwidth breaks associated with multi-acquisition systems.

DRAGONFLY allows you to select from numerous interfaces for integration with external systems including DVI-I interface, USB 2.0 / 3.0, RS232 / 422/485, Ethercat, Profibus, CANopen, PROFINET RT, EtherNet / IP, digital IOs, analog and special charts.

DRAGONFLY solutions are provided with a software core that allows the scalability of the system in question, according to the need of the application. This core is based on interconnected vision software and PLC software that allows, in addition to vision testing, the automation control of one or more devices.



DRAGONFLY software, together with the system hardware, allows the complete scalability of the solution. It is based on an architecture that significantly reduces the resources required for its operation.

The scalability of dragonfly software is supported on the following features:

Allows you to approach different test contexts with the same hardware.

Multi Object
Allows you to add test objects to each project.

Multi Incoming
Allows you to create the test combinations required for each project.

Multi Acquisition
Allows you to define the acquisitions that best fit the test needs of each project's layouts.

Lets you manage the acquisition / lighting channels as well as communications with external systems.

It allows an abstract and efficient approach to all vision tests required for each project.

Test image counts and logs, locally or remotely, allowing for history associated with testing each product.


 Dragonfly by Asatek BROCHURE



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