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Siemens Exhibition Truck




The Siemens 'Process Automation' Exhibition Truck was a successful initiative with a great turnout

Bresimar Automação received on 16th November, at its Aveiro facility, the Siemens exhibition truck, with the latest instrumentation and process control solutions from the brand.

Automation students, clients and professionals from the industrial sector were present at this initiative, which not only physically showed the latest analytical instrumentation and process solutions, but also presented some of the brand's industrial digitalisation innovations. Industrial engineering with the software "COMOS", integration of devices with the "SITRANS" and "SIPART" library of solutions and safety and industrial maintenance were some of the topics highlighted in this edition.

This initiative is a way of closely following the brand's new features and reinforcing Bresimar's solid partnership with Siemens (since 1983), operating as a solution partner in the areas of automation and instrumentation of industrial processes.