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Bresimar Automação present at the 360 Tech Industry fair




Bresimar Automação present at the 360 Tech Industry fair

Bresimar Automação was present at the 1st edition of 360 Tech Industry, which took place from 16 to 18 May at EXPONOR in Matosinhos (Porto - Portugal).

Bresimar Automação presented to all the visitors, innovations in the field of robotics through its new representative, DENSO Robotics. The public had the possibility to contact with solutions for the optimization of their production processes, through robots of 5 and 6 axes that stand out for a high precision, speed and reliability.

Also present was a collaborative robot, a novelty in the area of industrial robotics that facilitates manipulation tasks without needing to resort to protection and safety devices.

At the stand of Bresimar Automação, BECKHOFF's innovative magnetic transport solution was also present, which stands out for its maximum speed up to 4 m/s and accelerations up to 100 m/s².

Bresimar Automação thanks everyone for the visit.