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Quality and RD&I - Bresimar Automação


Quality and RD&I

We make a daily commitment to the quality of our services and products. We seek to innovate in order to grow and improve!

We acknowledge Quality and Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) as the pillars of our success!

Bresimar Automação, S.A. is a reference company, innovative and prestigious, in the industrial automation market, at the level of global solutions, tailored to each client.

Its positioning and recognition have been achieved by the expansion of its activities, based on a Quality Policy, defined in accordance with the following principles:

  • Identification of the needs and expectations of our clients and of the market (national and international), in order to contribute to the full satisfaction of their requirements;
  • Planning actions to promote training, information and dissemination of our products and services, from a perspective of continuous improvement;
  • Production and supply of products, integrated solutions and innovative services through appropriate management practices;
  • Establishing relationships of mutual support and trust with our suppliers, by establishing business opportunities and investing in competitive products;
  • Promotion of a culture of innovation and economic valuation, by increasing the awareness of the brands, products and services commercialised, knowledge management and market surveillance and technological forecasting;
  • Promoting a position of competence and innovation, by stimulating creativity and analysing individual and collective opportunities;
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships.


At the certification level, Bresimar identified early on the importance of Quality in the management of its activities. As such, the company is an entity certified for its Quality Management System since the year 2000 and since 2011, it has made a commitment to the Management of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI).


Under the NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 and NP4457 standard, the scope of certification encompasses:

• Commercialisation of electrical, electronic and automation equipment;
• Production of temperature and level sensors;
• Integration and application of automation and electronic systems;
• Design, development & production of electronic products;
• Design, development & provision of technical training services.