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Human Resources - Bresimar Automação


Human Resources

We are Leadership, Talent, Team, Client, Innovation and Success!

The most valuable asset of any organisation is its people

The experience acquired over 35 years of activity allows us to affirm that Bresimar is a company made up of people who are the company’s most valuable capital. For this reason, Bresimar has made a commitment to best practices in the development of its work and human resources, based on a policy based on the following principles:

  • Promotion of the professional and personal development of employees, ensuring the adjustment of skills to the functions they perform;
  • Provide adequate conditions and means for the motivation and satisfaction of all the organisation's employees;
  • Creation of a healthy and supportive work environment, with the necessary hygiene and safety conditions in the day-to-day;
  • Offering sustainable and competitive remuneration prospects.

We are
Leadership, Talent, Team,
Client, Innovation and Success!


As evidence of the recognition and appreciation of human capital, Bresimar has received several awards, which distinguish our company for the excellence of its human resources practices.



Best Companies to Work For

The "Best Companies to Work For" election is an initiative developed by EXAME magazine in partnership with Everis and AESE Business School. The study consists of a multidimensional analysis which combines the assessment of the overall satisfaction index of the employee with the degree of responsible performance of the company before society.

Since 2012, Bresimar Automação has been ranked among the 100 best companies to work for.


Happiness Works

The "Happiness Works" project, coordinated in Portugal by the company Lukkap with the support of "Exame" magazine and APG, began in 2012 and has provided awareness on the state of organisational happiness in Portugal. It has also created a benchmark by sectors of activity and verified the impact of organisational happiness on productivity.

2018 (1st place)


Index of Excellence

The Index of Excellence is a study of organisational climate and human capital development, carried out by Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting in partnership with Human Resources Portugal, Executive Digest and INDEG-ISCTE, which analyses the state-of-the-art Human Resources practices in Portugal and rewards the entities that invest most in this area.

Bresimar HR 2019