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Bresimar - Bresimar Automação


Bresimar Automação, S.A.

37 years of experience, innovation, know-how and energy

We acquire knowledge and share technology for innovative solutions

Bresimar Automação, S.A., founded in 1982, is a company specialised in equipment, systems and solutions for industrial automation, with a strategy focused on the future and its continuous growth.

With a 37-year market presence, Bresimar Automação is recognised today for the quality of its products and services, as well as for the portfolio of innovative international brands of great prestige in the automation market.

The commitment to innovation, quality and continuous training of its human resources, has guaranteed a consolidated position and provided the growth of its business areas.


We Invest in Innovation

ASATEK and TEKON departments are two business areas, which, although different, are included in the core business of the company, enabling research and development processes of solutions and new products.

ASATEK department (Automation Applications and Systems) brings together a specialised engineering team dedicated to development, design and implementation of integrated automation solutions, providing also an after-sales service for products commercialized by Bresimar Automação. ASATEK is also a registered trademark of automation software.

TEKON department is composed of core work for Research, Development and Product Innovation (NIDT), specialised in the production of signal transmitters and electronic equipment for the monitoring of industrial processes. As a result of its activity, it is registered the Tekon Electronics brand, with the main goal of commercializing the solutions developed for the external market.



We Invest in Training

The development of knowledge has always been a priority for Bresimar Automação, both internally, among its employees, as well as externally, with its clients. For this reason, Bresimar Automação has become a training entity, certified by the Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations (DGERT), annually establishing a previously defined training schedule, as well as guaranteeing personalised training, tailored to the needs of its clients and other interested parties.



We Invest in You!

Bresimar Automação ambitiously faces the new challenges that are proposed, in order to transform these into new opportunities to look at and rethink the future.

Present in the market through a team of qualified professionals, experienced and prepared to respond and satisfy the needs of its clients, Bresimar Automação guarantees fast answers, technically innovative solutions and technical support, before and after sale.

Mission, Vision and Values

We are a reference company, innovative and prestigious, in the industrial automation market, at the level of global and customised solutions.