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Tekon Electronics | Bresimar Automação


Tekon Electronics

Probes and monitoring systems of industrial processes.

Tekon Electronics became a registered trademark by Bresimar in 2011 to promote the products developed internally by the company. Associated with this brand is the Tekon business unit, an R&D department, comprised of a specialised technical team, who provides technical and commercial support for the equipment commercialised, as well as develops customised temperature and level solutions tailored to the needs of its clients.

Tekon Electronics specialises in the development of acquisition and transmission systems for large quantities in industrial processes. It designs and manufactures sensors and electronic equipment, from temperature probes and transmitters, to level probes and wireless process value transmission systems.

The brand has already enjoyed a highly significant international journey, having reached new markets and becoming widespread in several parts of the world, with solutions available on all continents.

To know more about all the solutions and products visit Tekon Electronics website at: