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Siemens - Bresimar Automação



Automation, instrumentation and process systems.

A Siemens is a brand with more than 165 years of history, marked by internationalisation, presence and worldwide recognition. Today, Siemens is present in more than 200 countries/regions and has factories, R&D centres, offices and representatives all over the world. In Portugal, Bresimar has been a partner of the brand since 1983 and operates under the title of Siemens solution partner in the areas of automation and instrumentation of industrial processes.

Siemens' areas of activity range from industrial automation, construction technologies, drive technology, energy, health, mobility, financial, consumer goods and services.

In the field of automation and processes, Siemens is a world-leading brand, providing a wide range of products, such as: automation and control solutions, drives and motors, environment and air conditioning, vacuum pumps and compressors, lighting, instrumentation and automation of processes, integrated products and solutions, industrial communication networks, industrial safety, sensors, measuring and testing devices, cutting technology, low voltage protection and command, and technology for buildings.