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INSYS icom | Bresimar Automação



Specialised brand of data communications for industrial applications.

INSYS iCOM is a German company with more than 20 years of experience in the market of data communication systems and M2M - Machine to Machine technologies, applicable in various industrial sectors.

The brand actively participates in the continued development of industrial communication technologies, which are revolutionising the world economy. With the creation of communication links between machines and systems, the issues associated with the obstacles created by physical distances have become completely outdated.

Regardless of whether the sender and receiver are located in proximity or far across continents, communication can be established, enabling rapid access to data. INSYS iCOM's portfolio of products enables you to reduce costs and increase productivity, especially in remote control, service and maintenance applications.

The range of products of the brand includes: simple series modems, routers for mobile networks, control equipment for electric vehicle charging systems and energy efficiency solutions.


  • Gateways and Routers

    M2M and IoT routers are communication interfaces for the establishment of data traffic networks between machines, factories or other devices. These devices enable professional IP routing, provide the highest possible IT security and offer user-friendly control interfaces via the web, as well as a more efficient Linux-based operating system.

    The range of INSYS iCOM M2M and IOT routers includes the following models:


    IMON – Cost-efficient entry routers

    • 2G or 3G connection
    • Flat design
    • Various interfaces (RJ45, RS232 and RS485)
    • Interface for Siemens LOGO!
    • Digital inputs and outputs
    • Integrated Linux environment (INSYS Sandbox)
    • Internal IT security (VPN, firewall with status, etc)
    • Web interface

    EBW Series – Basic industrial routers with standard applications

    • Available with 4G, 3G, LAN, WLAN/HSPA and WLAN connection
    • Two-port integrated switch (except the EBW-E100 model)
    • Internal IT security: VPN, dynamic firewall, etc
    • Web interface


    MoRoS Series – Versatile industrial routers 

    • All communication networks: 3G, 2G, LAN, PSTN, ISDN and ADSL
    • Integrated switch with 4+1 ports
    • Serial interface (RS232)
    • 2 digital inputs, 2 switch outputs
    • Integrated programming environment (Linux Sandbox)
    • Sending and receiving of messages
    • 2 slots for SIM cards and other redundancy functions
    • Internal IT security: VPN, dynamic firewall, etc
    • Web interface


    MRO series – Compact multifunction routers

    • Router, modem and switch
    • Serial interface (RS232)
    • Digital inputs and outputs
    • Integrated Linux environment
    • Internal IT security: VPN, dynamic firewall, etc.


    MRX Series – Completely modular platforms of industrial routers

    • Available in LAN and LTE
    • Plug-in modules
      • 4G/3G/2G
      • 4-port switch
      • USB 2.0, RS232, RS485, IOS
    • Internal IT security: VPN, dynamic firewall, etc
    • Web interface


    RSM-E100 – Industrial routers for Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl

    • Multi-port router
      • 3 x external LAN
      • 5 x internal LAN
    • Internal IT security: VPN, dynamic firewall, etc
    • Web interface