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Beijer Electronics | Bresimar Automação


Beijer Electronics

Operating consoles (HMI) and data visualisation and communication systems.

Beijer Electronics is a Swedish company founded in 1981 with extensive experience in industrial automation and data communication.

The company has several branches in different parts of the world and has distributors in more than 60 countries. In Portugal, the brand is exclusively represented by Bresimar.

Beijer Electronics delivers state-of-the-art, competitive and user-focused technology. The product range includes solutions that enable communication, control, network visualisation and data transmission. Thereby, the brand offers solutions that can be found in a variety of industries such as: maritime, food and beverage, packaging, machinery, fuel, OEM, printing, textile, water and waste.

Beijer Electronics products are distinguished by their application flexibility, ease of customisation, reliability, ruggedness and the ergonomics of their interfaces..


Beijer Electronics