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Banner Engineering | Bresimar Automação


Banner Engineering

Sensors, vision systems, indicators, industrial LED lighting and wireless communication systems

With more than 50 years of existence, Banner Engineering is a global company and leader in the area of automation and industrial processes.

Banner Engineering specialises in the development and manufacture of products such as: sensors, vision systems, indicators, industrial led lamps and lighting, as well as security products and wireless communication systems. Its products are represented and marketed all over the world. In Portugal, Banner is represented exclusively by Bresimar.

This company and brand are a good option for your business if you are looking for innovative solutions, capable of providing efficiency in your business, maintaining quality assurance, monitoring and control of your industrial processes, never forgetting the safety of the equipment and your employees.

The wide ranges of industries where this brand can be found, as well as the simplicity of its products are aspects which characterise it. Banner offers such varied solutions which can be easily found in diverse sectors, such as: agricultural, automotive, food and beverage, electronic, pharmaceutical, among others.


Banner Engineering